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Turning on Each Other

“Clearly the devil tried to turn believers against each other. In the opening verse of Acts 6, the enemy used a practical oversight to provoke ungodly thoughts, attitudes, and words. Even the appearance of bias or favoritism is a potently-effective

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Bewitched by Power

“Could such happen also to me? Do I entertain any cravings and nourish any fascinations that could likewise bewitch me and lead me astray? After all, I am no less human than Simon. Besides, we live in times of great

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Truth: At Times Inconvenient

“We need to know the truth. We need to stand on the truth. We need to live the truth. We need to declare the truth. Sometimes, though, that is inconvenient.” Source: Panting , Suffering for Christ’s Sake, “Applying God’s Word

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Faith for Life

“I want my faith here to last as long as my life here. I want to continue faithfully in the faith as did Stephen. Eventually Jesus chose to finish Stephen’s faith. I want the finishing of my faith to likewise

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When God Wouldn’t Wink

“Whatever got into the hearts of Ananias and Sapphira to think God would wink at their self-aggrandizing scheme?! Somehow they must have persuaded themselves that the odds of incurring God’s wrath were so low that taking the risk made sense

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No Amazing Miracles

“The exercise of faith sometimes results in amazing miracles and wonders, but not most of the time. We know that, and yet we may be troubled if our own faith never has resulted in some obvious miracle.” Source: Panting, Stephen:

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Make sure these things are so: Examine the Scriptures (Acts 17:11). And above all, love God!