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Fuel for Our Praying

We don’t know the specifics of their petitions to God for him. From other Scriptures we can get very specific ideas to ‘fuel’ our own praying for one another.

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Could God Work This Way in My Church?

The Word, the hand, the grace, the Spirit — no wonder the church grew! That was then, but now…. Do I believe God could still work in His church that way?

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Talking About Jesus

Jesus — the name above all names. Jesus — King of kings. Jesus — “to him give all the prophets witness.” Jesus — of Whom the disciples witnessed. Jesus. What can I say about Him from the Scriptures? I’ll use

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Getting It Wrong

Ananias had plenty of doubts (obviously) about Jesus’ ideas concerning his going to Saul and being used to restore Saul’s sight. He knew from plenty of reliable sources about Saul’s evil track record. He also knew what Saul’s intentions were

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Just Do As He Says!

So, my friend, let us not balk at His bidding nor chafe at His choices nor anguish over His assignments. Let’s just do as He says and ask Him to change our attitudes and hang ups. Let’s yield ourselves as

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Turning on Each Other

“Clearly the devil tried to turn believers against each other. In the opening verse of Acts 6, the enemy used a practical oversight to provoke ungodly thoughts, attitudes, and words. Even the appearance of bias or favoritism is a potently-effective

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Make sure these things are so: Examine the Scriptures (Acts 17:11). And above all, love God!