All kinds of exercise programs, health fads and nutritional quick-fixes abound. Here is an incredibly good one. Try it for 30 minutes a day for one week.

Thirty Minutes a Day

by Bill Hallsted
© Copyright 1996, Christian Light Publications

It was too good to be true. When he saw it advertised, he knew that. Nothing so simple, so economical, so available could possible have such fantastic results. But the ads promised a money-back guarantee, so he decided it was worth a try.

Just 30 minutes a day, the ads said. Using the health product just thirty minutes a day, every day, promised health, vitality, and a constant improvement in the quality of life. It would completely eliminate the effects of aging except the positive effects of maturity. it would continue to work indefinitely. In fact, the longer the product was used, the better and more lasting its effects would become.

He decided to try it. What did he have to lose? When he did try it, he was amazed. It really did work!

Within a couple weeks his strength began to develop remarkably. His tone and attitude perked up. His feeling of general malaise disappeared. Even his most difficult and chronic complaints vanished! He was a new person. All it took was that 30 minutes a day.

Even that 30 minutes was no strain. Oh, it was difficult to stay at it the whole half hour right at first, but within that first two weeks it stopped being any problem at all, and it became easier--actually enjoyable.

But then a couple things began to happen. Since he felt so good now, he began to feel as if he probably didn't need to stay with the 30 minutes every day. It was good to do that, of course, but not absolutely essential. After all, it couldn't hurt to skip once in a while.

The other thing happened was that his schedule started getting crowded. There were so many things to do! Just as he was starting the 30 minutes one day, for example, a friend called. "We're having a get-together. C'mon over."

Another day a crisis came up at just the wrong time. By the time he had dealt with it, there really wasn't time to take out another 30 minutes.

Another time he really wanted to go fishing with a couple friends. That made a pretty hectic schedule for that day, and the next couple as well, as he tried to catch up on everything.

His vacation interfered with that schedule too. Then he decided to take an extra part-time job, because they really did need the money.

The end result was that the product that had wrought such a change in him began to be used less and less. He still knew how important it was, and he still tried to squeeze out that 30 minutes every chance he got, but the chances got fewer.

When he began to experience problems, it made it even more difficult. He felt so tired and discouraged so much of the time. He just didn't have that energy, that vitality he used to have. He made up his mind that just as soon as he started feeling better, he was going to get back to that schedule and use that wonder product the full 30 minutes, every single day.

The problem was, he never started feeling better. He got worse. He became so much worse that he was soon warned he was about to die. That's when he realized he had the cart before the horse. He was not going to start feeling better until he started using that product again.

He planned to start this week. He made a firm resolution to start no later than next week at the latest. he waited too long. We said our last good- byes to him yesterday.

Oh, he didn't die. Not physically. It wasn't a physical product. It was his soul that died.

The product? Bible reading and prayer!

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