Christian Family Living

by John Coblentz

[Christian Family Living] A 316-page book of practical, step-by-step instruction for everything from training toddlers to courtship standards to caring for aging parents. A guide for families, churches, and individuals serious about Christian family living.

Here are the chapter titles:
[     ] [*] Basic Family Concepts
[     ] [*] Leaving Childhood
[     ] [*] Dating and Engagement
[     ] [*] Singlehood
[     ] [*] Marriage
[     ] [*] Parenting
[     ] [*] The Home and The Church
[     ] [*] When Troubles Multiply
[     ] [*] When the Home Breaks Down

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Two study guides are available for Christian Family Living. At $3.00 each, Part I covers chapters 1-4 and Part II chapters 5-9. Also, in addition to the book, CLP offers a paperback series on various aspects of family living: the Christian Family Living Series. Email Anabaptist Bookstore for more information.

Again, here are the portions available for on-line reading:


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