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to the glory of God and the edification of people everywhere

God Foretells the Rebuilding of Jerusalem

(Isaiah 44:24-26,28; 45:1,4,7)

Lesson 1 -- fourth quarter 1997
September 7, 1997

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 1997, Christian Light Publications

Can you wait? We live in a society where our values and beliefs are coming under greater assault and ridicule. Truth and absolutes don't seem to matter all that much anymore, even in the professing church. Vain men and women proclaim the compatibility of Genesis and evolution, the prudishness of morality, the immorality of gender-based authority structures, and the perfect naturalness of homosexuality. Look where you will, the Christian's opposition is having its heyday.

But the Lord is He "that turneth wise men backward, and maketh their knowledge foolish." The Lord will hang out these anti-Biblical perspectives for all to see them for what they really are: garments turned inside out. The day is coming when those who proudly wear these garments will run for cover, totally discredited for peddling such inferior merchandise. For now, though, their salesmanship has succeeded in putting these garments much in vogue. And those of us who insist on calling things by what they really are must endure the mockery and vitriol normally reserved for those holding patently backward and unreal views. So, can you wait?

The Lord is also the One "that confirmeth the word of his servant, and performeth the counsel of his messengers." I love to defend the truth. I love to explain, exalt and extol the truth. (And I want to learn to love to live it, too!) But I'll admit to on occasion becoming somewhat weary of having my beliefs maligned, mocked and undercut by the opposition, especially when some of the opposition allegedly belongs in my camp. What about you? I hope you faithfully (even if it is also wearily sometimes) insist on consistent godliness for yourself and your peers. Don't back off from defending the truth in your setting. Insist on legal driving habits, on pure dating practices, on service instead of self, on honoring all authority, on uncontaminated music, on absolute separation from evil (avoiding even the curious listening in on the entertainment of the world). Why stand for truth? Because the Lord does indeed back up those who do. Question is, of course, can you wait?

I suppose you are wondering just what it is you are supposed to wait for. Well, not what but Whom--the Lord! As we stand for truth in the midst of the blatant glorification of deception, we must wait for the Lord to show His might, power and vindication. While we wait, let's remember that we should not stand for ourselves and our views, but we should stand for Him and His truth. We are not to wait for our own vindication and glorification, but for the Lord's.

Only God knows how long we will need to wait. And only He knows what developments we will have to endure as we wait. I don't doubt that until the wait is over we will see increasing scientific, medical, religious and sociological "proofs" and endorsements supporting that which we know to be false. The longer the wait, the worse the deception will become...because the deception will become more effective and convincing. I believe the time will come when we won't much have left to stand on but the Bible. But that is all we need.

So stand. Wait. Don't move. Be firm. Your apparent losses now will turn out to be absolute gains.

Remember that the Lord will confirm, perform, open, build and raise up. He will not be thwarted. He is your Redeemer. Just you wait!

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