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Good Tidings of Great Joy

(Luke 2:1-17)

Lesson 3 -- first quarter 1999
December 20, 1998

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 1998, Christian Light Publications

Has the Baby grown up yet? Look around you with some attention to the obvious details, and you would think the answer is negative. This alleged celebration of Jesus' birth mostly takes us back to His babyhood and infrequently focuses on His adulthood. In the US, the birthdays of certain Presidents rate a national holiday of sorts. That is appropriate for any country to do. But how inspirational would it be for the citizenry to remember these men only as newborn infants?

Has the Baby grown up yet? Imagine celebrating your birthday the way Christmas is celebrated! We would hang up pictures of you in your crib, but generally disregard you in favor of other festive and seasonal activities. And if anyone would get around to remembering you, it would be to reminisce about your birth. Maybe you'd get a baby rattle for a gift.

Has the Baby grown up yet? YES!! And let our remembrance focus on that! Let's make this season a celebration of His accomplishments--past, present and future. And let's make our gifts to Him worthy (at least in a minuscule way) of His maturity and accomplishments.

The Baby is grown up now! So let's get beyond the baby stuff this Christmas!

Who is this Person we should celebrate? Savior! Yes, indeed. I suspect most who do remember Him this season remember and honor Him as the divine Savior of the world. This Man is the great and only Rescuer, Redeemer and Restorer. Without Him, no one has any hope. With Him, no one needs any other hope. He is the Savior!


Often, yes. So many who appreciate Him as Savior do not daily take the steps that make sure their own salvation. So many gladly accept Him as their Savior with little follow-up thought and action on expanding and deepening the relationship. They accept much but give little in return.

Who is this Person we should celebrate? Lord!


We like the "Baby in the Manger" and the "Savior of the World" dimensions of Jesus Christ. We even have Christmas for the baby part and Easter for the savior part. But what about "King of Kings and Lord of Lords"? And "Head of the Church"? I wonder if we have no days left for such remembrances. Surely we must have an empty, unallotted season yet that we could reserve for His lordship. Got any suggestions? I certainly do.

Let's make Today that special day that focuses on the lordship of Jesus. What a grand idea, eh?! That shouldn't be too difficult to remember. Every day Today comes around, we'll remember and live the lordship of Jesus.

And the special season will be the season of our lives.

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