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Jesus -- Crucified and Resurrected

(John 19:16-18,28-30; 20:11-18)

Lesson 5 -- second quarter 1999
April 4, 1999

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 1999, Christian Light Publications

"Let all the house of Israel know assuredly." Every Christian needs this kind of assurance and confidence in the certainty of Christ's resurrection. We know beyond doubt that Jesus is not dead. Our assurance of this historical fact will not shake loose into unbelief. Every Christian also needs this kind of boldness. Peter's audience was filled with doubters, unbelievers and enemies--but he still made his announcement confidently. Will I do less in this age when many still reject the Resurrection? God grant me both the assurance and the boldness. And may He also bestow on me wisdom to lead the skeptic and the doubter to faith.

"That God." Because of God and His work (at the tomb and in our lives) we can enjoy assurance and boldness. God makes the difference every time! God's power raised Jesus from dead. God's power established Jesus as Lord and Christ. And that same power can bring assurance and boldness into the life of a friend who still doubts the Resurrection.

"That same Jesus, whom ye have crucified." Who but God can turn the worst "defeat" in history into the grandest victory of all time? My friend, the Jesus of the empty tomb is not some replacement Personage that God brought on the scene to replace a defeated, dead Jesus. No! God's integrity would not put into effect such a scheme. And God's power makes such scheming unnecessary. The same Jesus that died on the cross and lay in that tomb is the One that ascended on high in the presence of His disciples.

"Hath made...both Lord and Christ." We already noted the need for assurance and boldness in believing that Jesus rose from the dead, triumphantly, in power and majesty. Now we see we must also enjoy assurance and boldness in believing (and presenting) Jesus as Lord and Christ. In fact, it seems to me that having an assurance of the Resurrection would lead anyone to an assurance (and acceptance) of His Lordship. Which makes me wonder, would God allow someone to believe the Resurrection who would reject the Lordship? Though I don't know the mind of God on this question, I do think we face an important point here.

If we have been granted the privilege of faith in the historical veracity of the Resurrection, then we have some of the strongest compelling evidence to accept the Lord and His Lordship. Do you perchance (claim to) believe in the Resurrection but do not live under His Lordship? Then you need to surrender all! You see, believing in the Resurrection in a very real sense is a surrender of human reason, logic and intellect. Believing in Jesus as Lord is the total and continuing surrender of all of you to Him.

Our memory selection presents the Gospel so concisely. Next time someone expresses disbelief in the Resurrection, ask if he would surrender to Jesus if God granted him belief in the Resurrection.

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