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Jesus and the Jews

(John 8:12,21-36)

Lesson 8 -- second quarter 1999
April 25, 1999

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 1999, Christian Light Publications

"Give me liberty or give me death," some fellow once proclaimed. "Give me freedom!" many other fellows (and young ladies) echo. In fact, freedom is important to all. Especially when that freedom is denied them. Being bound is just not that enticing a state. Some drivers want to be free of their seat belts, some children want to be free of their parents, some citizens want to be free of the laws, some church members want to be free from church standards and discipline, and on and on. People who are bound often strive mightily to attain their freedom. Individuals suffering some sort of physical restraint will struggle desperately to get loose, especially if they perceive a life-threat.

Do you value freedom? Then you should value truth. Do you know what it feels like to be bound (desperately bound) and to finally achieve freedom? Then you should want to do all you can to achieve truth. Because truth sets free!

Of late I have been asking God to clean away all guile in my heart. Perhaps your problem lies in some other area. Perhaps your challenge is not so much needing to make sure everything you say has no twist of untruth in it. Your challenge may be in making daily life choices based on truth. (For example, choosing improper music or questionable reading is not choosing according to truth.) We struggle with these problems and challenges because we are still bound in those areas. But the truth can set us free!

I surely do like that part of the memory verse. But I want to make sure we do not miss the paradox in this verse. We have had our focus on the latter part--freedom. Do not overlook the first part--subjection!

If we make the Lord's Word an integral, functioning part of our lives, then we are His disciples indeed. We have no other way of accurately defining Christian discipleship. But what does this subjection theme do to our glorious freedom theme? Did God or somebody get mixed up here? Well, God obviously didn't. His Word is truth. Therefore, being His disciples indeed makes us free indeed. Study the memory selection with that in mind; do you see it?

So now I wonder just how vital freedom seems to you and me. Those who really yearn for genuine freedom will pursue truth and make it an indispensable part of their daily living. We saw that clearly enough at the top of this page. Can we see just as clearly that those who deeply yearn and strive for genuine freedom will also pursue discipleship and obedience?

Know the truth! Continue in His Word! We can do that today, through the day. So let us do this with at least the same zeal and focus that we would use in getting ourselves free from some sort of life-threatening bondage. Because if we do not, our lives are indeed endangered. Do you believe that enough to make the right choice?

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