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to the glory of God and the edification of people everywhere

Josiah Helps Judah Back to God

(2 Chronicles 34:2-32)

Lesson 8 -- Fourth Quarter 1992
October 25, 1992

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 1992, Christian Light Publications

Idols. So revulsive to God, but so enchanting to men. Are we at peril from them? We do not enshrine deceased family members, we do not burn candles and incense to the Virgin Mary, we do not bow before Buddha's image, we do not reverence any icon, and we certainly do not do those things practiced by Josiah's father and grandfather! Nope, we have no idols, right? Before getting too comfortable and self-satisfied, give careful consideration to these clues:

  • Idols take money from us.
  • Idols require large portions of our time.
  • Idols determine our purpose for living.
  • Idols control our lives.
  • Idols affect our decision-making.
  • Idols take peace from our lives and our relationships.
  • Idols keep us from Bible study, prayer, and sound reading.
  • Idols attach us to this world instead of the Kingdom.
  • Idols oppose our relationship to God.
  • Now we can go back and rephrase the first question. What idols threaten your life and your church today? As you ponder that question in light of the above clues, I forewarn you: Some present-day idols may be hard to detect and properly identify because they have become such integral parts of our lives.

    What are you going to do about any idols you may discover? You can be an Amon. He emulated the unreformed Manasseh. Likely most of Amon's life and certainly his formative years had been spent under the influence of a father who "made Judah...to err, and to do worse than the heathen." Amon thrived on idolatry. He set out to reverse the new course charted by the humbled and repentant Manasseh.

    Or you can be a Josiah. He "walked in the ways of David," the man after God's own heart. At age 16 he began to seek after God. At age 20 he began to purge his life and his kingdom. Soon after that, the book of the law was found...and what a reformation was ignited! Of that period in Israeli history, the Bible testifies that "they departed not from following the Lord, the God of their fathers."

    Why did God wait until Josiah's reign to allow the discovery of the book of the Law? We are not told directly, but I think 2 Chronicles 34:3 gives us a possible clue. Josiah began to seek after God while he was yet young and began to act on what he knew was right while yet in his youth. God knew this young man would respond correctly to His Law.

    How about you? God is still waiting for youth who will early seek after Him and who will enthusiastically walk in the light they already have. May He raise up more Josiah's for His Church! Remember the promise in Psalm 25:14--"The secret of the LORD is with them that fear Him; and He will shew them His covenant."

    And what about others? The world and the Church has many people like Josiah who have "lost" the Book. They would respond righteously if they could "find" It. God needs more Hilkiah's and Shaphan's who will "find" the Book and "read" it to such individuals. Would you rather lean back in smug self-satisfaction and criticize those who do not believe and practice the Truth like we know they should? Or are you willing and available to present such hidden Truth to them? Go!

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