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to the glory of God and the edification of people everywhere

Praising God for His Knowledge

(Psalm 139:1-14, 23, 24)

Lesson 9 -- third quarter 1996
July 28, 1996

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 1996, Christian Light Publications

Back before the gender-neutral craze, construction zones were often marked with signs proclaiming, "Men at Work." Sometimes those signs seemed the only indication of profitable labor taking place. Most of the time, signs of work proved the truthfulness of the work signs.

Your life is a construction zone. I hope the signs proclaim "God at Work." What evidence can people see today of God working in your life, wisely and methodically making a new creation of you?

"There is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O Lord, thou knowest it altogether." During a period in life in which I seemed given to all type of troublesome speech, I came to the place of asking God to derail my train of thought whenever it threatened to run out of my control. The tongue is an influential but rascally member of our body. It frequently defies our control. But we have a significant advantage over it--we know the One knows it! With His help, we can launch preemptive strikes against it. Since God knows what words my tongue will say today, would I not be wise to yield that member to Him? Let God shape the terms. Let Him determine the vocabulary. As the Engineer, let Him build my tongue into clear proof that He is a good worker.

"See if there be any wicked way in me." The Lord knows what the end result of His work should be. He wants to shape us into the image of...Jesus Christ! He knows right away those wicked ways that will prevent the culmination of His work in me. The deceitfulness of my own heart often keeps me from seeing the truth; if I am wise, I shall give Him free rein to accomplish His purposes in me. I shall beg him to deal decisively with all trace elements of ungodliness in me.

"I am fearfully and wonderfully made." I know to a small degree just how marvelous my physical body is. What intricacies of cells, glands, organs, muscles, nerves and so forth! I have somewhat of an inkling as to the stunning craftsmanship that is my soul. What an amazing relationship and coordination of emotions, thoughts, opinions and free will! And slowly but surely, I am learning to see the unmatched handiwork of the Spirit of God in my own spirit. What shall I say to that! What I now am and what I shall someday be, that is ultimate proof that His works are nothing less than marvelous. Praise the Lord for His faithful work in me!

The fact that God initially created me, combined with His ongoing work in me, shows conclusively that no one knows me better than He. Since He knows me--my thoughts, my ways, my words--He can help me. What a blessing and encouragement to know the One who can help me understand myself. Furthermore, He can also show me what needs to be done in me to make me what I ought to be. And that's not all--He can actually shape me according to that master plan, too.

When the computer system that connects me to the Internet doesn't work right, I naturally turn to the system operator (sysop). Naturally, because he supposedly knows his own setup better than anyone else. Therefore, I am comfortable telling him the problem and implementing his suggested solutions. And when Jim Miller delivers an opinion on my vehicles' mechanical difficulties, I listen most carefully. What a delight when these men offer to come put their hands and knowledge to work on my equipment!

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