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What follows I copied from their 1996 catalog.

Built to the glory of God, Rod and Staff Publishers was founded in 1958 as Pilgrim Mennonite Press. Our purpose is to supply Christian homes and schools with Bible-based textbooks and literature that impart truth and that in no way compromise the Word of God.

ROD AND STAFF'S PURPOSE: To provide sound Gospel literature useful for instruction and guidance in Christian ideals.

We want to provide food for the reading diet, not detracting from the Scriptures or supplanting them, but reinforcing them with application. "Give attendance to reading" suggests that the mind should be constantly occupied profitably rather than idly. We regard this task seriously, believing that Christians should read literature that obligates the reader to the Lord.

We publish

Questions and Answers About Rod and Staff

How and why did Rod and Staff begin?

In 1958 a group of brethren from various Mennonite churches gathered in Amelia, Virginia, to share their concern over the degrading effect of much of the printed matter used by the churches. After consultation and prayer, in three different meetings, there was strong agreement that another publishing work was needed. In the third meeting a statement of ideals governing the personnel and polity of a conservative publishing work, and a statement of bylaws were adopted, and seven board members were chosen.
What church affiliation does Rod and Staff have?
The first seven board members were chosen by the Mennonite cross-section gathered in Virginia in 1958. The work since the beginning has been directed by a self-perpetuating board. The present board members are members of various Mennonite churches in the United states and Canada.
How long has Rod and Staff been publishing textbooks?
The first grade of the Bible Nature and Reader Series was the first published for laboratory use in 1963. It was produced with the conviction that church schools with Christian teachers also needed Bible-based textbooks. Wisdom from God was sought; tried and proven methods were employed. Christian parents and teachers are pleased with the results. We are working now to complete our curriculum. We have revised the Bible Nurture and Reader Series. Revision of the Building Christian English Series, the Mathematics for Christian Living Series, and other textbooks is under way.
What services does Rod and Staff offer to home schools?
Our teacher's manuals are designed with the beginning teacher (or parent) in mind. Our catalog is available to parents, and books may be ordered individually. We have a Curriculum Guide with class room scheduling aids. We offer telephone consultation. We publish a monthly school-related periodical entitled The Christian School Builder. (We also have available our School At Home brochure.) Rod and Staff is a publisher, however, not a school.
Do you give high school diplomas? Do you grade pupil's work?
Rod and Staff is in the textbook publishing work. Our books are used in private and parochial schools, by home school institutions, and by parents who teach their children at home. Rod and Staff sells textbooks and offers curriculum counsel relating to the use of our books and the operation of the classroom. We do not operate a school, grade the pupils' work, or give diplomas.
Do you have foreign language courses?
Rod and Staff does not publish foreign language courses. We do publish Spanish textbooks for Spanish schools. We sell Spanish and German dictionaries, verb wheels, and Bibles.
How long does it take to receive our orders?
Normally customers should receive books within two or three weeks of the time we receive the order.
Can you give us names of textbook users in our locality?
No, Rod and Staff does not give out the names of individuals on its mailing list.
Do you sell placement tests for determining the child's grade level in Rod and Staff materials?
No, we have given consideration to preparing such a test, but as of yet we do not have one. Achievement tests from secular sources are of some benefit to those who are familiar with the limitations of the test and with proper interpretation of the test results.
Do you have anything for kindergarten?
Our views on kindergarten are expressed briefly in the next section. We also have coloring books and preschool Bible study material and storybooks that are excellent material to be read to preschool children.
The preceding I copied from their 1996 catalog.

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