Updated: August 4, 2001

Anabaptists Finally Offers Mission Opportunity

May 24, 1997 -- Woodburn, Oregon, USA       After nearly two years of operation, the world's premier and pioneering conservative Anabaptist Web site opens the door to sponsors.

Launched in late July 1995 as a small single-page presence receiving occasional hits, Anabaptists has grown to a vast Web site accessed at least 50 times a day from servers around the globe.

Mark Roth began this Web ministry as a personal mission project funded exclusively by him.

That all changed today. Due to pressing family and financial needs that no longer allow him to spend hours a day at this ministry, Mark made the unanticipated decision to offer other individuals, families and businesses the opportunity to share in the blessings of this Internet ministry.

May 13, 1999 -- Molalla, Oregon, USA       Anabaptists will soon reach its fourth birthday! The server log files report a daily average of 100 visitors to the home page.
The project is presently operating at its minimum level:
  • The Scripture selection on the home page is changed daily.
  • Thoughts for the Week is emailed once a week.
  • The weekly Spotlight is updated every Thursday.
  • Email generally goes unanswered.
  • The cost of operating at this level is approximately $60 a month.
    In 1999 I would like to see this online ministry grow to include:
  • Answering all email within 48 hours.
  • Writing a once-a-week perspective on a news event.
  • Monitoring and responding to messages at The Seekers' Refuge.
  • Bringing Just for You current.
  • Expanding the doctrinal and history sections.
  • Doubling the size of the Spanish section.
  • August 24, 2000 -- Molalla, Oregon, USA       This summer Anabaptists began its sixth year on the Web. The flagship site of the Anabaptists Web Project now receives over 500 unique visitors each day. Praise the Lord!
    This is the level at which I hope to operate this site during the 2000-2001 school year:
  • New Scripture selection each day for the home page
  • "Reaching Out" magazine snail mailed on Fridays
  • Thoughts for the Week emailed on Sundays
  • My various forums monitored on weekends
  • Site email answered on weekends
  • New English page added each week
  • News commentary once a month
  • New Spanish page added each month
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