[What the Bible Says about Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage]


What the Bible Says about
Marriage, Divorce,
and Remarriage

John Coblentz

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Are you contemplating marriage? Divorce? Remarriage? Are you getting conflicting advice? Are some people telling you divorce and remarriage are all right and other people telling you they are wrong? Do you know what the Bible says about marriage, divorce, and remarriage?

The Bible is not silent on these issues.

In an age when traditional marriage is being opened for review, when divorce is as common as marriage, and when remarriage following divorce is considered reasonable and right, we need to know what the Bible says.

Using a question-answer approach, the author of this book points us to the Author of the Bible and His timeless principles for marriage and the home.

May there be many, after reading this book, who not only know what the Bible says, but devote themselves and their marriage to God and His will for them.

August 12, 2000: The full text of this book is finally all online!


  • What is marriage? (1)
  • What are Biblical purposes for marriage? (6)
  • How is marriage being undermined in Western culture today? (10)

  • Does the Bible ever permit divorce? (18)
  • What does God think of divorce? (20)
  • If God hates divorce, why did He permit it? (21)
  • Does God still overlook divorce? (22)
  • How do people justify divorce today? (23)
  • What does the "exception clause" mean? (33)
  • Why do modern translations render the meaning of porneia as unchastity? (39)
  • Why is divorce wrong? (41)
  • What are some practical suggestions for those in difficult marriages? (45)
  • As a Christian who has experienced divorce, how do I cope with rejection? (54)

  • What does the Bible say about remarriage after divorce? (58)
  • Doesn't Paul say that if an unbelieving partner departs, "a brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases"? (59)
  • Does an adulterous marriage need to be broken, or can the couple ask for forgiveness and remain together? (60)
  • Is it proper to initiate a divorce from an unscriptural relationship or should there simply be a separation? (63)
  • What if the divorce and remarriage occurred before one was saved? (65)
  • What if the other partner initiated the divorce? (67)
  • What if there are children? (70)
  • If an unscriptural relationship is terminated and one party never has had a legitimate marriage, is that person free to marry? (72)
  • If an adulterous relationship (remarriage) is terminated, should former marriages be reunited? (77)
  • What are some practical pointers for committing oneself to obey God in severing adulterous relationships? (79)
  • How can the church help? (85)
  • What can the church do to build strong homes and resist the erosion of marriages in the church? (90)