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Conditions That Lead to Apostasy

(Hebrews 5:11-6:10)

Lesson 10 -- third quarter 1997
August 3, 1997

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 1997, Christian Light Publications

Are you a repeat learner?
What is that you are bearing?

Yesterday I came to the library to work on this project. But I stopped by to check one newspaper's classified ads...and ended up looking through two newspapers and one news magazine. I thought I'd long ago learned my lesson: do my work first!

Then I came upstairs to a nice quiet corner to buckle down to these Youth Pages. But I decided to pursue one little item in a graphic programming project first...and there went at least 30 minutes. I thought I'd also learned my lesson way back: Priority One jobs first!

I wonder how many times I've had to "relearn" so many life lessons. Oh, the two I chose to mention are significant enough, but what about some others?

"All these things shall be added unto you" (Matthew 6:33). I get so consumed at times. I try to figure out how to make ends meet more frequently, consistently and satisfactorily. Or I fret over how to improve my public image or refurbish my reputation. Then I must "relearn" that first comes seeking His kingdom and righteousness!

"How great a matter a little fire kindleth!" (James 3:5). It's so easy to excuse the questionable misdeed or the "little" aberration from godliness. How readily we want to brush off or justify the "insignificant" word or look, as long as it isn't directed at us. But when we come to in the midst of the raging wildfire, we "relearn" the lesson all over again: little grows up.

"The body is not for fornication" (1 Corinthians 6:13). In this sensuous age we so easily become distracted by the offerings of the world. We fall prey to being lustful or being enticing. And we forget the lesson that the body is for the Lord.

"A soft answer turneth away wrath" (Proverbs 15:1). We inadvertently cut off a driver, he leans on the horn or glares or shakes his fist, and we.... A family member raises her voice, pitch or both, and we.... Someone breaks our treasure or violates our privacy, so we.... In each of these cases, Proverbs 15:1 is true. Oh how frequently we revisit this portion of our education!

Having a choice of apple or brier, which would you keep? Would choosing between rose and thistle be any more difficult? "There he goes again, asking such obvious and infantile questions!" Yes, I know; however, I think we can find even in them an excellent application.

How infrequently we pause to consider the choices we are giving God. Let's listen up, folks! Someday He will either reject, curse and burn or receive, bless and glorify. And it all has to do with what we are bearing now.

We tolerate questionable lingo and literature, countenance lust and covetousness, excuse disobedience, and wink at materialism. It seems at times that we must think God will be hard pressed to make up His mind between a tree with good fruit and bush bearing only thorns!

Stop to think and care. What sort of life shall we offer up to the Lord? What is it that we are bearing?

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