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Updated: November 16, 2009

This site has an expanding collection of writings by Anabaptists, current and historical.

Enjoy the reading!

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But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.
2 Thessalonians 3:3
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I hope it proves a blessing, challenging, stretching, refreshing experience for you. I urge you to be as the Bereans mentioned in Acts 17:11...
"These were more noble...in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so."
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Panting Hart

The links below are divided into two main categories:
  • Expanding Collections -- I keep adding articles to these
  • Single Selections -- single articles in no particular collection
  • Expanding Collections

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    Tracts Deeper Life News Commentary
    Books Book Excerpts Doctrines History Stories for Children

    Single Selections

    Pass It On encourages you to pass along certain writings to your friends. The selected writings are especially formatted for email and can be sent using a simple form at the end of each online article. Articles with this feature are marked with [Pass It On!]

  • An American Second   [Pass It On!]
  • Feeling Down?   [Pass It On!]
  • Yesterday's Planting   [Pass It On!]
  • Faith Works Security   [Pass It On!]
  • Encouragement to Fathers
  • The Security of the Believer
  • Election 2000: The Sovereign One Has Spoken   [Pass It On!]
  • Election 2000: My Peace I Give unto You   [Pass It On!]
  • Sin and Its Consequences   [Pass It On!]
  • What Is the Difference?   [Pass It On!]
  • Sudden Death -- Sudden Eternity
  • What the Bible Says about Marriage, Divorce and....   [Pass It On!]
  • What Is Marriage and for Whom?
  • Is Child Evangelism a Form of Child Abuse?
  • A Christian Alternative to Kindergarten [Pass It On!]
  • How the Canon of the Bible Came to Us
  • Christian Education and the Bible   [Pass It On!]
  • Alarm: Handy Pornography! [Pass It On!]
  • Remeber Columbine!   [Pass It On!]
  • Kosovo and Serbia . . . .   [Pass It On!]
  • Thirty Minutes a Day
  • Spouses of Divorce
  • Eclipse!
  • "Creation"
  • Joy Cometh in the Morning
  • Christian Citizenship
  • He Died for Peace
  • Goals for Education
  • She Won!
  • Seeing Your Child's Worth
  • Outside the Gate
  • A Testimony about The Covering
  • Anabaptist Statements of Faith
  • The Word, Made Flesh, Dwelt among Us

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