Tonight, on the West Coast of the United States, it is 10:06, Saturday, August 30, 1997.

This page has been changed out of deferrence to the husband and sons and other family members of Diana, Princess of Wales.

In its original form, this page commented on the longevity of marriage and drew specific application from Charles and Diana's case.

In light of her tragic death just two or three hours ago, it seems best to rewrite this page.

For now, may Almighty God comfort the bereaved and may we all be reminded of life's brevity...and that at its end we shall come face to face with the Judge of all the earth.

- Mark Roth

Now it is 12:30 in the afternoon on Monday, October 13, 1997. I have decided to restore the original page to be followed with a few additions.


The fairytale wedding did not lead to "And they lived happily ever after." I must confess to still being almost incredulous that this famous marriage should have collapsed. What a tragedy for this little family! Pity the Prince and Princess of Wales. The poor husband, the poor wife, the poor children--their genes, money and position did not help them achieve what so many poor and "commoners" enjoy: marital and familial bliss and blessing.

What went wrong? The purpose of this page isn't to debate and hypothesize about the cause of the problem. Nor is it to rise in judgment against Charles or Diana or their parents. I just want to look at just one thing they are doing wrong now.

Divorcing. That is not God's way for those who have vowed the marriage vow. Never.

These people are joined for life, as far as God is concerned. And that is all we need to go by. Decrees of law or royalty or clergy will change nothing as far as the eternal Word of God is concerned.

[Charles and Diana--whose spouse?]

As long as they both live, they are husband and wife.

Now for a few additions given the fact of Diana's death.


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