Diana, Princess of Wales

She died less than 24 hours ago.

What makes her death tragic?

  • the circumstances?
  • her youth?
  • her beauty?
  • the promise cut short?
  • her family's loss?
  • her life on the verge of happiness?
I suppose the answer to the question will vary according to the respondent.

In my estimation, the most significant tragedy here is . . .

Were any of these three prepared to meet their God?

Through this event, may many be caused to reflect on their own mortality. And may the Master Physician grant healing and restoration to Trevor Rees-Jones, that he might have an opportunity no longer available to his three traveling companions.

And what about me and you?

May we be counted among the redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!

Well, may Almighty God comfort the bereaved and may we all be reminded of life's brevity...and that at its end we shall come face to face with the Judge of all the earth.

- Mark Roth, August 31, 1997 -- 6:00 pm (PT)

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