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Deeper Life

Deeper Life Ministries is a conservative Mennonite seminar and counseling center. Located at facilities in Plain City, Ohio, DLM is an active arm of Midwest Mennonite Fellowship.
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And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.
2 Thessalonians 3:5
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Deeper Life Ministries produces a quarterly newsletter which is sent free of charge to interested persons or congregations. You may request it using the form further down below. The editor of the newsletter is John Coblentz.

Write to DLM for a schedule of seminar topics, for application forms, or for information about purchasing tapes and books.

Newsletter Articles

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The Fruit of the Spirit (June 1996)
"Blessed Are the Merciful" (August 1995)
Self-Concepts in the Light of God's Word (August 1995) [Pass It On!]
"Blessed Are the Peacemakers" (December 1995)
"Blessed Are the Persecuted" (February 1996)
Busy Father, Frustrated Mother (April 1996)
Discouraged? (October 1997)
Do You Feel Misunderstood? (March 1998)
Wounded or Broken? (June 1998) [Pass It On!]
The Lord Is My Shepherd (August 1998)
God So Loved That He Gave... (December 1998)
Building Relationship with Our Children (June 1999) [Pass It On!]
Two Ways of Viewing a Problem (June 2000)
Perils in the Wilderness; Perils in Canaan (August 2000)
How Can I Know God's Will? (February 2001)
Are You Plagued With Feelings of Guilt? (August 2001) [Pass It On!]
1 Corinthians 13 for Families (February 2002)
The Joy of Jesus (December 2002)
Lessons from the Star (December 2004)

Prayer Requests

Seminar Ministry: We receive more requests than we can fill, and we are praying that God will give us wisdom to make this outreach effective in equipping churches, families, and individuals to find God's answers to life's problems.

Staff Needs: Please pray that God will provide the staff with the wisdom needed. As we listen to people's problems and needs, we desire to have the discernment of God's Spirit, and we desire to honor God and His Word in our responses.

Those Who Come: Pray that those who come to DLM would find Biblical answers and would be willing to respond. There are many voices in our world today, willing to give direction. And sometimes people come having heard various ideas about what they should do.

2005 Seminars

Dates Title Location Contact
April 15-17 Subject pending Maranatha Fellowship, Sugarcreek, OH Paul L. Miller
May 20-22 Marriage Seminar Oak Grove Church, Aroda, VA Tim Miller
August 5-7 Single Ladies Seminar DLM 614-873-1199
September 12-16 Helping People in Need Fresh Start Rehabilitation Center  
October 8 Faithful Women Seminar DLM 614-873-1199
November 12 Faithful Men Seminar DLM 614-873-1199

2005 Training Sessions

The following training sessions will be limited to 25 applicants to provide better class-time interaction. Registration is required. Pastors will be given priority.

Dates Title Description
April 27-29 The Human Heart We build from the Biblical emphasis on the heart as the source of all living, explore the functions of the heart, observe how to trace surface behaviors to heart issues, and look at effective/ineffective methods of reaching the heart of people.
August 17-19 Working With Abuse We look at different forms of abuse and then explore Biblical principles for preventing abuse, leading the abused person to healing, and working with abuser.

Registration: If you would like to attend one of the above seminars or training sessions, please contact Deeper Life Ministries, or the contact person (if the seminar is not at DLM).

Deeper Life Ministries
5123 Converse Huff Rd.
Plain City, OH 43064 USA

phone: 614-873-1199
FAX: 614-873-8811
email: info@dlmohio.org

When you contact DLM, please let them know you heard about them from Mark Roth via the Internet. This is important for tracking purposes. Thank you!

Disclaimer: This site for DLM is quite unofficial.

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