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[The Modemite Pledge]

The Internet is a wonderful "place" and a super-handy medium of communication. And all the resources that are available on it!! Then toss in the on-line services and all the BBS's around. Lots of information is out there, awaiting your modem's attention.

Much of what can be found would fall in the useful and amoral categories. However, we all know that the enemy of mankind continues to introduce monstrous amounts of immoral and evil stuff. Wanting to be faithful and accountable, some of us modem-ites in my home congregation have signed the following covenant (a totally personal, non-congregational move):

I purpose before God and my Brothers to never use my modem to intentionally download or view any file (text or graphic) that is sexual, pornographic, obscene, immoral and/or lustful in nature. I also purpose to avoid newsgroups and mailing lists which disseminate similar material. By signing this covenant of Brotherhood accountability, I give my co-signing Brothers the privilege and responsibility of checking up on my faithfulness in this area.

Quite a number of you "out there" have written to say that you also have bound yourself with this covenant. If you, too, take this vow before God, I'd be delighted to hear from you via email at pledge@anabaptists.org.

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