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   The Fruit of the Spirit
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   Wounded or Broken?
   The Lord Is My Shepherd
   God So Loved That He Gave...
   Building Relationship with Our Children
   Two Ways of Viewing of a Problem
   How Can I Know God's Will?
   Perils in the Wilderness; Perils in Canaan
   Are You Plagued With Feelings of Guilt?
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   El Alcohol; Lo Que Quita
   El Matrimonio, el Divorcio, y las Segundas Nupcias

La Antorcha de la Verdad
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Spanish Tracts
   Cuando el Terror Nos Ataca
   25 Puntos Prácticos Sobre la Crianza de los Niños
   El Movimiento Carismático Examinado A La Luz De La Biblia
   La Iglesia Cristiana
   Los Menonitas
   Todos los Mentirosos...
   ¿La Nueva Moralidad... o La Vieja Inmoralidad?
   El Mormonismo, Examinado
   Mundanería Cara
   El Cristiano y la Política
   ¿Qué Dice la Biblia Acerca del Purgatorio?
   ¿Qué Deseas Para Tu Vida?
   ¿Sabía Usted...?
   ¿Será Posible Perder La Salvación?
   Testigos de Jehová ¿Verdaderos o Falsos?

Spanish Just for You
   Para Ti
   Si Estás Cansado
   Si Estás Seguro De No Ser Culpable
   En La Navidad
   Si Quieres Tener un Feliz Año Nuevo
   Si Te Preocupas por Tu Salud
   Antes del Juicio
   Si Quieres Parar el SIDA por Completo
   Si Temes Envejecer
   Si Buscas a un MESIAS
   Si te Preguntas si la Biblia es Verdaderamente la Palabra de Dios
   Si a veces te Sientes Como si Dios no te Amara
   Si te Preocupas por Estar en Forma
   Si Estás Desilusionado con Profetas Falsos
   Si Quieres Empezar de Nuevo
   Si Crees que el Amar no Vale la Pena
   En un Mundo Preparándose para el Anticristo
   Thursday at 5:00 p.m.
   Alcohol as a Remover
   The Significance of the Christian Woman's Veiling
   Ethical Issues Related to Life and Death
   Statement of Position of Divorce and Remarriage
   Halloween: What You Should Know about It
   Introducing Jesus
   Church and State Issues Relating to Jury Duty
   Loneliness Is God's Knock
   "Shall I enter the Army?" Moody said, "No."
   I'm Not So Bad
   Peace and Pardon from the Bible
   Traits of the Self-life
   Homemaking -- an Honorable Role
   Will God Save America?
   How To Make SURE You Are Saved
   Our World Has Changed
   When Terror Strikes Home
   How Can I Know God's Will?
   Why I Am a Conscientious Objector
   Jesus Christ Is Coming
   Under New Management
   What the Bible Teaches About War
   Where Will You Be Five Minutes After You Die?

Various Writings
   Faith Works Security
   Encouragement to Fathers: Taking Back Our Responsibility
   Statement of Faith of Hopewell Mennonite Church (Hubbard, Oregon USA)
   The Bible, God's Holy Scriptures
   Is Child Evangelism a Form of Child Abuse?
   Christian Education and the Bible
   A Brief Testimony About the Christian Woman's Covering
   The Security of the Believer
   Joy Cometh in the Morning
   Seeing Your Child's Worth
   Sudden Death -- Sudden Eternity
   The Last Night in Sodom
   What the Bible Says about Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage
   What Is Marriage and for Whom?
   Letter to the Other Woman
   Christian Citizenship
   Video Seduction
   Alarm: Handy Pornography!
   A Husband Comments about His Wife
   Virtual Experience
   What Is the Difference?
   Why Wait for Sex?
   Computers, Networks and the Christian

Book Excerpts
   Mario Is Hungry
   Relationship Attitudes
   Growing Character
   In the Beginning
   Adventures on Lilac Hill
   Angels Over Waslala
   The Call of God
   Turn Off the Flashlight
   A Man Hanging from His Thumb
   What Was the Secret of the Strength?
   The Secret of the Strength
   Tea Leaves
   Yelling at Youngsters
   Pride and Purses
   Glance from the Stake
   Weeping May Endure for a Night
   Claudine Le Vettre
   Timely Talks with Teenagers

Pass It On!

Meditations, Sunday School Comments, Thoughts for the Week

   A Firm Stand Against False Teaching
   Faithfulness in the Latter Times

   Abram Obeys God's Call
   The Lord Calls Moses
   God Calls Joshua to Lead His People
   Deborah Inspires Faith in God
   Israel Requests a King
   God Chooses David as King
   King Solomon Chooses Wisdom
   Josiah Helps Judah Back to God
   Faithful Elijah
   Courageous Amos
   Hosea, the Prophet of a Broken Home
   Micah Pleads for Godly Living
   Jeremiah, a Prophet of Judgment

   The Birth and Reception of Jesus

   Jesus, the Living Bread

   My Love, My Cost, My Hurt

   Improving Strength by Improving Obedience

   Satisfied With Faithful Obedience

   Who Is the Weaker Brother?

   Comfort and Promised Restoration
   Three Calls to Hearken
   The Promise of the Mighty Deliverer
   Peace on Earth
   The Glorious Gospel for All
   God's Faithful Servant
   The Mission of the Servant
   The Obedience of the Servant
   The Suffering, Victorious Saviour
   Jonah Pays and Prays
   Jonah's Message and God's Mercy
   The Contentment of Ruth
   God Blesses Ruth

   The Parable of the Sower
   The Parable of the Vineyard Workers
   The Parable of the Talents
   The Parable of the Great Supper
   Our Living Lord and Burning Hearts
   Repentance and Joy
   The Good Shepherd
   Fruit-Bearing in the True Vine
   The Beatitudes
   The Christian and His Adversaries
   The Christian's Response to Riches and Anxiety
   The Christian and Prayer

   Facing Trials and Temptations
   Partiality and Judging
   A Living Faith
   Wisdom and Our Speech
   The Tragedy of Divided Allegiance
   Praising Our Great Creator and Sustainer
   Praising God for His Marvelous Works
   Praising God for Deliverance
   Praising God for His Knowledge
   Trust in God
   Obey God's Word
   Repentance and Confession
   Worshiping and Praising Our Lord

   The Reign of King Hezekiah
   Josiah's Response to the Law of the Lord
   God Calls Jeremiah
   Jeremiah Exposes Judah's Hypocrisy
   Habakkuk and Faith
   The Depravity of Judah
   Jeremiah Withstands a False Prophet
   Ezekiel's Commission
   Personal Responsibility
   Jerusalem's Judgment
   The Fall of Jerusalem
   The Sufferigs of God's People
   God Promises Restoration to Israel

   Zacharias and Elisabeth
   Mary, the Mother of Jesus
   The Shepherds
   The Wise Men and King Herod
   Simeon and Anna
   John the Baptist
   Mary and Martha
   Judas Iscariot
   Aquila and Priscilla

   Maintaining Biblical Headship
   The Life of Holiness and Love
   God's Righteous Judgment
   Christian Behavior
   The Blessed Hope Realized
   The Glorified Christ
   Messages to Smyrna and Pergamos
   The Church at Thyatira
   To Philadelphia and Laodicea
   The Worthy Redeemer
   The Sealed Tribes and the Great Multitude
   Our Victorious Lord
   The Eternal Home of the Redeemed

   A Good Minister
   Living and Teaching the Godly Life
   Laboring and Enduring for Our Lord
   Confronting Apostasy
   Exemplifying Sound Doctrine
   The Lord's Day
   The Preeminence of Christ
   Jesus, Our Great High Priest
   Christ, Our Perfect Sacrifice
   Conditions That Lead to Apostasy
   Access to God and Patient Endurance
   Continuing Faith
   The Chastening of the Lord
   Love and Christian Duty

   God Foretells the Rebuilding of Jerusalem
   God's Great Invitation
   Consider Your Ways
   Eternal Destiny of the Lost
   Daniel: Conviction and Courage
   Faithful in Worship and Witness
   The Fall of an Earthly Empire
   Daniel Believes and Prays
   The Temple Completed
   Confessing and Forsaking Sin
   Nehemiah--A Man of Prayer and Action
   Nehemiah--Fearless and Faithful
   The Justice of Jehovah

   Walking in God's Light
   The Pure and Practical Love
   Living in God's Love
   Obedience, the Test of Love
   The Christian's Lively Hope
   The People of God
   Suffering for Christ's Sake
   Faithful, Submissive, Humble
   Fruitful and Established
   Warning Concerning False Teachers
   The Day of the Lord
   "Ernestly Contend for the Faith"

   Satan, the Deceiver (March 1, 1998)
   Jesus Begins His Ministry (March 8, 1998)
   Jesus' Authority Established (March 15, 1998)
   Jesus' Power Over Death (March 22, 1998)
   The Cost of Following Jesus (March 29, 1998)
   Jesus Enters Jerusalem (April 5, 1998)
   Jesus' Death and Resurrection (April 12, 1998)
   The Parable of the Vineyard (April 19, 1998)
   The Last Supper and the First Communion (April 26, 1998)
   Jesus Teaches by Parables (May 3, 1998)
   Proper Regard for God's Word (May 10, 1998)
   Marriage and Divorce (May 17, 1998)
   True Greatness (May 24, 1998)
   Prophetic Teachings of Jesus (May 31, 1998)

   The Unequal Yoke (June 7, 1998)
   Job Is Tested (June 14, 1998)
   Job and His "Miserable Comforters" (June 21, 1998)
   Job's Encounter with God (June 28, 1998)
   True Wisdom (July 5, 1998)
   Complete Trust in God (July 12, 1998)
   Christians and Their Neighbors (July 19, 1998)
   Contrasting Good and Evil (July 26, 1998)
   The Call of Wisdom (August 2, 1998)
   The Christian and Work (August 9, 1998)
   Our Speech (August 16, 1998)
   The Christian and Anger (August 23, 1998)
   Godly Family Relationships (August 30, 1998)

   God Chooses Leaders Through the Church (December 6, 1998)
   The Spoken and Written Word (December 13, 1998)
   Good Tidings of Great Joy (December 20, 1998)
   Jesus Appears, Promises, and Ascends (December 27, 1998)
   The Life of Godly Love (January 3, 1999)
   The Sin of Covetousness (January 10, 1999)
   True Greatness (January 17, 1999)
   Forgiveness (January 24, 1999)
   The Gospel Is for All People (January 31, 1999)
   The Christian and the State (February 7, 1999)
   Hallowing the Lord's Supper (February 14, 1999)
   The Message of Reconciliation (February 21, 1999)
   The Blessed Hope (February 28, 1999)

   The Deity and Incarnation of Jesus (John 1:1-18; 20:30,31)
   The Voice and His Witness (John 1:19-34)
   Jesus and Nicodemus (John 3:1-17)
   Jesus and the Samaritan Woman (John 4:7,9-15,28-30,39,40)
   Jesus -- Crucified and Resurrected (John 19:16-18,28-30; 20:11-18)
   The Risen Lord with His Disciples (John 20:19-29)
   Jesus, the Bread of Life (John 6:11,12,14,26,27,35-40,47-51)
   Jesus and the Jews (John 8:12,21-36)
   Jesus Teaches About His Death (John 12:23,30-37,42,43)
   Jesus Loves and Serves (John 13:1-17)
   Jesus, the True Vine (John 15:1-17)
   Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-18,24-26; 16:7-15)
   Jesus' Intercessory Prayer (John 17:1-5,9,11,15-24)

   The Godhead Creates (Genesis 1:1,2,20-25,29-31)
   Adam: Created, Commissioned, Married (Genesis 2:7-9,15-25)
   Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-16)
   The Flood (Genesis 6:5-8; 7:1-4; 9:12-17)
   The Lord Calls Abram (Genesis 11:31 - 12:9)
   Abraham's Faith Rewarded (Genesis 15:1-6; 17:17-21; 21:1,2)
   God Tests Abraham's Faith (Genesis 22:1-14)
   Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25:29-34; 27:30-37)
   Jacob's Vision at Bethel (Genesis 27:41; 28:10-22)
   Jacob's Return to Canaan (Genesis 32:9-11,24-30; 33:1-4)
   Joseph and His Brothers (Genesis 37:3,4,17-28)
   Joseph in Egypt (Genesis 41:14-16,25-27,34-40)
   Joseph Forgives His Brothers (Genesis 44:18-20,33 - 45:7)

   Divine Appearance and Commission
   Through the Wilderness and the Sea
   Imperatives for God's People
   The Authority of the Church
   The Presence and Leading of the Lord
   Unbelief and Rebellion
   In the Great Wilderness
   Effectively Teaching the Word
   God's People in Prosperity
   Encouragement for God's People
   God's People Move in Faith
   God Gives Jericho to Israel
   Joshua's Faithfulness

   Announcement and Baptism of Jesus
   The Messiah and Satan
   Wise Men Worship Jesus
   Jesus Calls Disciples
   Giving and Praying
   Jesus' Compassion and Power
   Jesus and His Opposers
   Service and Rewards
   The Sanctity of Life
   Ready for Our Lord's Return
   Our Crucified Lord
   Our Living Lord and His Commission

   Paul Corrects Contentions
   The Revealed Wisdom of God
   Faithful Ministers of Christ
   Discipline in the Church
   The Christian and Marriage
   Knowledge with Love
   The Church and Spiritual Gifts
   The Resurrection of the Body
   True Love
   Compassionate Administration
   Suffering for the Gospel's Sake
   Financial Partnership in the Brotherhood
   Final Appeal to the Corinthians

   To Live is Christ
   The Mind of Christ
   Striving for Conformity to Christ
   The Life of Contentment
   Chosen, Redeemed, Sealed
   Salvation and Reconciliation
   Christ's Glorious Body Grows
   A Glorious Home Life
   Glorious Warfare and Victory
   The Preeminence of Christ
   Complete in Christ
   The New Life in Christ
   Reconciliation in Christ

   Standing Against Apostasy
   Saul: Chosen of the Lord
   Saul Rejected, David Anointed
   David Loves and Mourns
   David Accepted as King
   God's Promise to David
   Sin and Its Consequences
   Solomon Begins His Reign
   Solomon's Prayer
   Solomon Turns from the Lord

   Separation Begins in the Heart
   A Separated Lifestyle
   Mary Praises God
   The Birth of Our Lord
   The Testimonies of Simeon and Ana
   Jesus Defines His Ministry
   The Cost of Following Jesus
   The Prodigal Son Repents
   The Proper Use of Money
   On the Way to Jerusalem
   Jesus and His Striving Disciples
   Jesus' Supreme Sacrifice
   Our Risen Lord with His Disciples

   Jesus' Promise and Ascension
   The Day of Pentecost
   The Lord Manifests His Power
   The Testimony of the Apostles
   Stephen's Call and Martyrdom
   The Witness of Philip
   Proclaiming Our Risen Lord
   Peter and Cornelius
   The Church in Antioch
   The Gospel for the Gentiles
   The Jerusalem Council
   Nonconformity in Appearance
   Christian Recreation vs. Worldly Entertainment

   Rehoboam and His Advisors
   The Faith of Elijah and the Widow
   "The Lord, He Is the God"
   Micaiah, a Faithful Prophet
   Judgment on Judah and Israel
   Israel's Hypocritical Worship
   Israel and Gomer: Unfaithful
   God's Compassion for Israel
   The Lord Pleads with His People
   Isaiah's Vision and Response
   Isaiah's Message to Ahaz
   The Lord's Vineyard
   Why God Punished Israel

   Jesus Manifests His Glory
   Jesus Manifests His Sovereignty
   Jesus Manifests His Light
   Jesus Manifests His Compassion
   Jesus Manifests His Deity
   Jesus Taught by Parables
   The Merciful Neighbor
   Parables on Prayer
   Christ's Death: Sin Offering or Penalty?
   Blessings Bring Responsibility
   The Fulfilled Law
   Wealth and Anxiety
   On the Narrow Way

   The Lord's Call to Jew and Gentile
   Christ's Righteous Rule of Justice and Peace
   Isaiah Heralds the Hope of Redemption
   The Promise of the Messiah
   God's Faithful Servant
   The Glorious Gospel for All
   Repentant Sinners and God's Grace
   Self-Righteous Formalism
   The Time of Joy and Rejoicing
   The Commitment of Ruth
   God Blesses Ruth
   Jonah Pays and Prays
   Jonah's Message and God's Mercy

   Paul's Concern for the Romans
   Our Just God Justifies
   Abraham -- Righteous by Faith
   The Blessing of Righteousness by Faith
   New Life in the Risen Christ
   Glorious Freedom
   Only One Way To Be Saved
   The Transformed Life
   Love in Sincere Differences
   Faith in Christ -- The Only Gospel
   In God's Family through Faith
   Liberty, Not License
   Walk and Serve in the Spirit

   The Power of God's Word
   Thirsting and Praising
   Songs of Trust
   Our God of Justice
   Fortifying Our Families
   Our Creator and Sustainer
   We Worship Our Creator
   The Blessing of Forgiveness
   God Is Worthy of Our Praise
   The Value of True Wisdom
   Wisdom's Words of Warning
   The Speech of the Wise
   Care for the Poor

   The Call to Obedience
   Manasseh: Sowing, Reaping, and Repenting
   The Judgment and Deliverance of Judah
   Josiah Turns His People to God
   Rebellion and Judgment
   Jeremiah Pleads with His People
   Jeremiah Calls for Justice
   God's Promises to the Jewish People
   Faith in Our Almighty God
   The Fall of Jerusalem
   The Sufferings and Hope of God's People
   Personal Accountability to God
   God's Future for Israel

   The Change of Covenants
   A Righteous Couple
   Joseph: Faithful to Angelic Instruction
   Mary: Submissive, Joyful, Pondering
   John the Baptist: Faithful Messenger
   The Rich Man -- Sad
   Mary and Martha -- Jesus' Hosts
   Pilate -- Judge on Trial
   Peter -- Tested and Penitent
   Barnabas -- Full of the Holy Spirit
   Paul -- Faithful Witness
   Timothy -- Appreciated Helper
   Aquila and Priscilla -- Helpers in the Lord

   Jesus Begins His Ministry
   Jesus Heals and Calls
   The Authority of Jesus
   The Witness of Jesus and His Disciples
   Jesus and the Jewish Traditions
   Jesus Enters Jerusalem and Cleanses the Temple
   Jesus Institutes the Lord's Supper
   Jesus' Death and Resurrection
   Faith in Jesus Rewarded
   Faith Tested and Blest
   Faith Confirmed
   Faith Confessed
   Divorce and Remarriage

   Our Sovereign God and His People
   Restoring the Altar and Temple Foundation
   Haggai Encourages God's People
   God's Promised Blessings to Israel
   Dedication and Joy
   Nehemiah's Prayer and Plan
   Victorious Though Persecuted
   God's People Respond to His Law
   God's People Renew Their Covenant with Him
   Relationship of Old and New Testament
   Judgment Announced; Repentance Urged
   God Deals with Sinner and Saint
   "What Shall Come To Pass"
   The Time of the End

   The Christian: Tested and Tempted
   Faith That Blesses and Heals
   Controlling Our Tongue
   The Tragedy of Divided Allegiance
   The Christian's Lively Hope
   Faithful, Submissive, Humble
   Fruitful and Established
   The Day of the Lord
   Walking in God's Light
   Living in God's Love
   Obedience, the Test of Love
   Walking in the Truth
   "Earnestly Contend for the Faith"

   A Child for the Lord
   The Prophet of the Highest
   Jesus, Emmanuel
   "Jesus Increased"
   Job Holds Fast His Integrity
   Honesty in Seeking God
   Job Testifies of His Integrity
   Job Meets God
   Man Apart from God
   The Conclusion
   A Life of Temperance
   Courageous Esther
   The Jews Rejoice

   The Unified Church
   Love and Betrayal
   Jesus Agonizes in Prayer
   Jesus: Falsely Accused and Condemned
   Jesus Lays Down His Life
   "My Redeemer Liveth"
   A Faithful Church
   Meeting the Lord in the Air
   God's Glory in the Church
   The Worthy Lamb of God
   From Great Tribulation to Eternal Reward
   Judgment of Babylon and Antichrist Worshipers
   The Eternal Home of the Saints

   The Superiority of Christ
   Christ, the Almighty Deliverer
   The Danger of Unbelief
   Jesus, Our Great High Priest
   Going On to Full Growth
   The Defenseless Life
   Conquering Faith
   A Disciplined Life
   Choosing Servants of the Church
   The Minister, a Godly Servant
   The Minister Handling the Word
   The Minister Facing Apostasy
   The Minister Teaching His People

   God's Glorious Creation
   God's Justice and Grace
   God Calls Moses
   Called to God's Obedience
   David Responds to God's Promises
   God Claims and Cares for Israel
   God Reveals His Redemptive Plan
   God Shows Ezekiel Israel's Future
   Trusting Our Sovereign God
   Fulfilling the Law
   The Redemption of the Body
   Reconciled to God
   One Body in Christ

   God Calls Abram
   A Faith That Works
   Joseph Believes God
   Simeon, Anna, and Baby Jesus
   Jesus' Early Ministry
   Jesus Calling Some Disciples
   Jesus Commissions His Disciples
   Denying Self and Bearing the Cross
   Jesus Teaches True Greatness
   Dealing With Grief
   Overcoming Pride
   Jesus and Nicodemus
   Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

   The Sinfulness of Man
   The Righteous Judgment of God
   Justified by Faith
   Newness of Life
   Glorious Freedom
   How to Be Saved
   Living the Transformed Life
   Church and State
   One True Gospel
   Living by Faith
   Becoming Sons
   Liberty, Not License
   Walking in the Spirit

   Baptized and Tempted
   Establishing Biblical Traditions
   Jesus: Falsely Accused
   Jesus Commissions His Followers
   The Blessedness of the Christian Life
   Giving and Praying
   The Purpose of Jesus' Parables
   Jesus Teaches Forgiveness
   Judgment of the Nations
   Jesus Defines His Ministry
   Jesus Brings Healing and Life
   "Who Is My Neighbor?"
   Be Humble and Kind

   The Coming of the Holy Spirit
   Lordship Salvation
   The Power of Christ in Peter
   Boldness in Their Witnessing
   Faithful Stephen
   The Gospel Goes to Samaria
   Philip and the Ethiopian 
   The Gospel for the Gentiles
   The Lord Releases Peter
   Paul Meets Jesus
   The Gospel in Philippi
   Paul with Aquila and Priscilla
   Paul's Farewell to the Ephesian Elders

   God's Chosen Servant
   God Comforts His People
   God Keeps His Promises
   Good News for the World
   God Prepares Leaders
   Pray for Everyone
   Good Leaders Show the Way
   Good Leaders Teach the Way
   Meeting Needs in the Church
   The Blessings of Faithful Families
   Warnings for God's Children
   Following What We Learn
   Living to Please God

   Worthy of Praise
   Living With Tragedy
   When Life Seems Hopeless
   From Death to Life
   Finding Purpose in Life
   A Treasure Worth Seeking
   God Offers Us Wisdom
   Choosing to Be Honest
   Living in Wisdom

   Unity Through the Cross
   The Gift of True Wisdom
   Laborers Together With God
   Serving as Responsible Stewards
   Commitment in Marriage
   Called to Win the Race
   Called to the Common Good
   Love Never Fails
   Giving Generously

   Peace Through the Cross
   That We Might Know Him
   Walking in the Light
   The Word Was Made Flesh
   Christ Satisfies Our Needs
   Christ, the Light of Life
   Christ, the Good Shepherd
   The Bodily Resurrection of All Men
   Christ, the Only Way
   Christ, the True Vine

   Known by Our Love
   The Test of Love
   The Source of Love
   Assurance of Salvation
   Worthy Is the Lord
   Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb
   Kept by the Power of God
   The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
   The New Heaven and the New Earth
   The City Built of God
   Living in Our New Home

   Being Fair With Others
   Learning From God's Correction
   Committed to True Worship
   Finding Satisfaction in the Lord
   God Requires Right Living
   God Will Reward His Servants
   God Will Punish the Wicked
   God Desires True Followers
   God Expects Us to Trust Him
   Waiting on the Lord
   Accepting Personal Responsibility
   Joy in Serving the Lord
   Turning to the Lord for Revival

   God's Marvelous Creation
   Made in God's Likeness
   God Chooses a Family
   God Cares for Troubled Families
   Discerning God's Will for Marriage
   A Choice That Brought Regret
   Jacob Makes a Promise
   Farmer Jacob
   Learning to Forgive
   From a Son to a Slave
   A Spokesman for God

   Preparing the Way
   Born of a Virgin
   The Mission of John the Baptist
   The Word Made Flesh
   Teaching Us to Pray
   Overcoming Worry
   All Men Need Repentance

   God's Order in Worship
   Seeking to Honor God
   Building a House for God
   Believing God's Promises
   Hope in Times of Failure
   The Body Is God's Temple
   Faith Worth Dying For
   Serving God Without Fear
   Courage to Face the Enemy
   The Joy of Obedience

   The Only Begotten Son
   Our High Priest Forever
   Redeemed by His Blood
   The Author and Finisher of Our Faith
   The Great Shepherd of the Sheep
   Teaching With Authority
   Healing With Compassion
   Serving With Humility
   Confessing Jesus as Lord
   Doers of the Word
   Honoring All Men
   Speaking to Edify the Hearer
   Walking Humbly With God
   Learning Patience in Affliction

   The Call to Repentance
   Sent to Witness
   Blessings of the New Life
   Becoming a Servant
   Receiving Power from Heaven
   Selecting Men for Leadership
   A Chosen Vessel for the Lord
   Commissioned by the Church
   Coming to the Unity of the Faith
   Fellow Helpers to the Truth
   Being of the Same Mind
   Able to Teach Others Also
   God's Strength in Our Weaknesses

   A Forerunner Is Promised
   A Virgin Is Chosen
   The Saviour Is Born
   A New Message Declared
   Stepping Out in Faith
   Consecrating a Child to God
   Serving Without Expecting Reward
   Confronting a Friend With His Sin
   Risking Life to Save Others
   Accepting God's Call to Service

   The Inner Change
   A Dependable Shepherd
   A Restored Relationship
   Spiritual Renewal
   The Source of Living Water
   Obedient Unto Death
   The Power of His Resurrection
   Good News for All Nations
   His Strength and Our Weakness
   Accepted in the Beloved
   Created Unto Good Works
   Fellowship in the Gospel
   Harmony in the Home
   Strength for the Conflict

   The Call to Separation
   Facing Personal Responsibility
   Recognizing God's Authority
   Experiencing Deliverance
   Consecrated to God's Service
   Experiencing True Freedom
   The Sin of Complaining
   The Dreadful Cost of Rebellion
   The Consequences of Disobedience
   The Reward of Wise Choices

   Profiting from Instruction
   The Pursuit of Wisdom
   The Worth of Wisdom
   Behavior God Abhors
   Safeguarding Moral Purity
   Warnings Against Slothfulness

   Restored to Wholeness
   Training Children for God
   Pleading for Mercy
   The Deceitfulness of Riches
   The Gain in Giving
   The Power of the Tongue
   Aliens: Called to Holy Living
   The Delusion of Strong Drink
   Chosen to Proclaim
   Cultivating Noble Friendships
   Facing Opposition
   Learning from God's Creation
   Pursuing Virtue
   The Excellence of Godly Women
   Waiting in Holy Living and Godliness

   Preparation for the Messiah
   A Son Is Born
   Touched With Our Weakness
   An Unexpected Sign for the Messiah's Birth
   Made in the Likeness of Men
   More Than a Prophet
   Searching for a Child
   The Greatest Sign
   Faithful Unto Death
   Facing Temptation
   Faith That Moves God
   The Crisis of Forgiveness
   Inviting the Weary
   A Choice That Forfeits Heaven
   Overcoming Rejection
   The King as a Servant
   Ready for the Bridegroom's Call
   Declaring Allegiance
   Perils of the Endtime
   Mountaintop Experiences
   The Great Separation
   Extravagant Love

   God Is the Great Creator
   Influencing Community Change
   The Lord Is Our Shepherd
   The Judge's Grace
   God Forgives the Penitent
   Commitment to a New Community
   God Superintends History
   Gaining Acceptance in Community
   His Suffering and Glorified Son
   Pain and Joy
   God Gives Us His Word
   Living in the Light of Love
   God Blesses Families
   The Necessity of Love

   Serving the Lord Acceptably
   Pleasing to God
   An Example of the Believers
   Christian Commitment in Action
   Steadfast Unto the End
   Purpose in My Life: Glory to Christ
   The Minister's Call and Commitment
   Chosen and Called and Standing Firm
   Facing Disciplines of Leadership
   Finding Strength in God's Faithfulness
   Equipped for Difficult Times
   Overcoming Obstacles to Rise Above the Circumstances
   Serving for God's Approval
   Giving Myself in Service to Others
   Zealous of Good Works
   Finding Peace
   Honorable in Public Life
   Keeping Commitments

   Wonderful in His Birth
   Hope for Good Leadership
   The Leaven of Unsound Leadership
   Whom Shall I Follow?
   Dangers of Complacency
   Experiencing Redemption
   The Day of Judgment
   A Matter of Identity

   The Arrest and Trial
   Lavishing Praise
   The Burial and Resurrection and Eternal Remembrance
   Jesus, Lord of All Creation
   Emulating Jesus' Attitude
   The Secret of Spiritual Power
   Communicating Through Symbols
   The Danger of Offense
   Where We Look in Times of Trouble
   Marks of Greatness
   New Beginnings
   The Greatest Commandment
   Appreciating Abundance

   The Consequences of Abandoning Truth
   A Job Well Done
   God's Love and Care
   Living by the Rules
   How to Return to the Lord
   Knowing Whom to Trust
   The Consequences of Rebellion
   The Thrill of Victory
   Hear the Word of the Lord
   The Agony of Defeat
   A Famine of Hearing
   Help Is on the Way
   Judgment and Deliverance
   Help from Unexpected Sources
   The Disobedient Prophet
   Following Wise Leaders

   Commission and Ascension of Christ
   Faith Calls for Perseverance
   The Church Is Born
   Faith Is Assurance
   Healing of the Lame Man
   Faith Is Endurance
   Persecution and Holy Boldness
   Faith Inspires Gratitude
   The Community of Believers
   Faith Requires Mutual Love
   The Sin of Ananias and Sapphira
   Stephen: Spirit-Filled Deacon and Fiery Preacher
   Suffering for Christ's Sake
   Stephen's Martyrdom
   Choosing Men to Serve the Church
   Simon Wants to Buy Power
   Philip the Evangelist
   Philip and Ethiopian Eunuch
   Saul -- From Persecutor to Preacher
   Courageous Witness and Radical Gospel
   Light for the Gentiles
   Paul Sails for Rome
   Revival in the Growing Church
   Mutual Ministry in Malta
   Prayer Brings Deliverance
   Paul's Proclamation in Rome

Complete Books Online
   Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage -- index
   What is marriage?
   Biblical purposes for marriage
   How marriage is being undermined
   Does the Bible ever permit divorce?
   What does God think of divorce?
   If God hates divorce, why did He permit it?
   Does God still overlook divorce?
   How do people justify divorce today?
   What does the "exception clause" mean?
   Modern translations and porneia
   Why is divorce wrong?
   Practical suggestions difficult marriages
   Coping with rejection of a divorce
   What does the Bible say about remarriage after divorce?
   An unbelieving partner departing
   Does an adulterous marriage need to be broken?
   Divorce from an unscriptural relationship?
   Divorce and remarriage before conversion
   The other partner initiated the divorce
   What if there are children?
   Free to remarry?
   Should former marriages be reunited?
   Severing adulterous relationships
   How can the church help?
   Building strong homes and resisting the erosion of marriages in the church

   The Victorious Life -- index
   Dealing Thoroughly with Sin
   Experiencing Christ as Our Life
   Understanding the Spiritual Battle

   The Russians' Secret -- index

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