So, What Happened to Bob Packwood?

The most basic answer--the only answer from true reality--is that God was done with him in office as a United States Senator. When God wanted him there, He put him there and kept him there. That was not the doings of the citizens of the State of Oregon (though most people thought so!). When God was done with him in the Senate, God took him out. That was not the doings of Packwood's accusers, or the Ethics Committee, or the Senate leadership, or pressure from the citizens of the State of Oregon.

This does not mean that God approved of Packwood's performance as a man and as a Senator. Nor does it mean that God approved of the tactics used against Packwood. It does mean that in His sovereignty and wise omniscience, God determined it was time to put Packwood down and raise up someone else.

This being the case, why should I get bent out of shape at the dual standards so flagrantly exercised in this case? Why should I go vote to try to get someone better (or just as good!) to replace him? Why rise to Packwood's defense? Why rise to the defense of his detractors? (And a bunch of other similar questions.) God has a different mission for His church on this planet--let's be faithful in the pursuit and execution of that mission!

Oh, I assure you my personal sense of right and justice gets pretty incensed at some of these goings on! But I am satisfied leaving it all in the hands of the Blessed Controller of all things.

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