Healing of the Lame Man

Acts 3:1-16
Lesson 3 -- fourth quarter 2012
September 16, 2012
Christian Light Publications

Preparing My Heart

Christ’s compassion compelled Peter and John. Moved by compassion as their Master so often had been, these disciples offered healing to a life-long cripple. Alas, the Lord’s compassion has never moved me to any such miraculous “feat”! (Has it?)

Actually, that doesn’t bother me. (Should it?) What does unsettle me (does it?) is the realization that too easily I do not express Christ’s compassion in other, less glittering ways. May His love “constrain” me!

Making the Bible Personal

Would my church be a good place for a disabled beggar to do “business”?

Do I offer what I have to others?

What do I have to offer?

For what reasons might have Peter and John chosen to heal this man?

How does God want me to handle others’ acclaim?

May I ever “temper” the Gospel message in my presentation of it?

Reviewing Basic Truths

Give what you have received.

Jesus uses His church (you and me!) to meet needs at hand.

The Father has glorified the Son…and so should the church.

Jesus is the focus and the message of the church.

Applying God’s Word to Me

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This concludes my comments based on the alternate lesson developed by Christian Light Publications. To read my comments on the passage for the International Bible Lesson, click here: Faith Is Endurance.

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