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The Excellence of Godly Women

(Proverbs 31:10-31)

Lesson 13 -- fourth quarter 2009
November 29, 2009

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 2009

Introductory questions to chew

What type of woman do I value?

How do I develop good character?

What can I do to encourage good character?

Will I focus my life on benefiting others?

Am I comfortable around women who fear the Lord?

Do I keep alert for opportunities to praise another?

Finding a Woman of Virtue

Can you find silver Mexican peso?

You won't get one going to a bank, even a bank in Mexico. Neither will you find one in the change you receive from purchasing something at a store, even a store in Mexico. And I doubt you would find one by going to any major city in the world, standing on a busy street corner, and asking 50 passersby if they have one in their pocket. (You probably wouldn't find any by asking 50,000 passersby!)

But I can find one! (It's all in looking in the right places.)

Well, never mind a silver Mexican peso. What about this next "item"?

"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies" (Proverbs 31:10).

I can! And again, it's all in looking in the right places.

I can find virtuous women in my home and in my church.

Praise the Lord!

Is this lesson for me?!

If you are a married woman, you surely see some clear personal applications in this passage. You have a husband and you have a household. You likely have children. You might even have grandchildren. This lesson is obviously for you.

But what if you're single?

And more difficult yet, what if you're a man?

This passage can still speak volumes to you...if you are a Christian. Christians belong to the Church, the bride of Christ.

In the Church, Jesus has a virtuous woman whose price is far greater than that of rubies (10). What virtues does Jesus find attractive in His people? Allow Him to develop those virtues in you! Strive to exhibit those virtues in your life, every day, everywhere, for Him to enjoy and glory in.

Jesus trusts the Church (11). He rests in the assurance that she will be faithful and true to Him. He knows that she will live solely for Him and for His pleasure. He has complete assurance that she will always do Him good (12). Right? I mean, that's all true of me and you, right?

The Church cares about the poor and cares for the poor (20). When a need exists outside, she does what she can to meet the need. She also meets the needs within (21, 22, 27).

The Church is strong and honorable. She is clothed with humility. The Church is willing to endure afflictions now, confident in eternal rejoicing yet to come (25).

When the Church speaks, those listening hear wisdom and experience kindness (26).

Listen to what Jesus (your Husband-in-Waiting) has to say: "Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised" (Proverbs 31:29,30).

Now live as part of His bride!

This concludes my comments based on the alternate lesson developed by Christian Light Publications. To read my comments on the passage for the International Bible Study, click here: Waiting in Holy Living and Godliness.

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