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Unbelief and Rebellion

(Numbers 13:1-3,32-14:4,20-24)

Lesson 6 -- fourth quarter 1999
October 10, 1999

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 1999, Christian Light Publications

Moses sent twelve men on a reconnaissance mission through the land of Canaan. These men did not volunteer for the assignment nor were they "just anybody." All twelve of them were rulers in their respective tribes. They were proven men, trusted men, tested men. By the commandment of the Lord, Moses sent them to Canaan.

Judging by the two extremely opposed reports brought back by this group of men, one would think they hadn't all stuck together in their exploration of the Promised Land! You would think they had seen different things, situations and circumstances. I am certain, though, that all twelve of them traveled together and shared the same sights and experiences. What the ten saw was no different than what the two saw. How they saw was different. The data processed in their heads and in hearts was the same, I am sure. How they processed that data was worlds apart.

As a result of those differences, the two were the only ones in their generation to possess the Promised Land. The other ten had to wander about and eventually be buried in the wilderness . . . outside the Promised Land.

One of the challenges for us lies in making certain we always strive to see through the eyes of faith . . . in God and His promises. When we see flooded rivers between us and the promised goal, we must see beyond the rivers and see the One Who said we would reach the other side. When we see huge opponents in secure fortifications, we must look up and see the One Who said He would fight our battles for us.

How we see makes such a difference! If we content ourselves to see solely from our perspective, then we must also content ourselves with unbelief and defeat. But if we see God above it all, then we can also see it all as He does. Just how impressed do you suppose God was by Jordan, Jericho and the giants? Well, are you intimidated by a trickle in the sand, by a house of cards and by a thousand gnats huddled on a tablespoon? Hmmmm.

Do not misunderstand me, please. This is not an appeal for being unrealistic or for playing games with the facts as they are. Those giants, Jericho and Jordan were every bit as real to Caleb and Joshua as they were to the other ten spies. (By the way, do you have their names on the tip of your tongue?) Jordan, Jericho and the giants were just as real to God as they were to the twelve men. But of those thirteen people, three saw differently. They didn't just see the physical facts, they saw all the facts. They saw God.

How do I see? How do you see? Of course there are adversaries, obstacles and contretemps. Shall we live life on the basis of our limitations against them? Or shall we believe that greater is He that is in us?

Belief. There's the key. The other option leads to rebellion. Your choice. Choose God!

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