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Our Crucified Lord

(Matthew 27:38-54)

Lesson 12 -- first quarter 2000
February 20, 2000

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 1999, Christian Light Publications

What difference does it make? Long before the first man and the first woman walked this planet, the Godhead saw their need for redemption. So They made plans for this necessary redemption. Those plans included a system of animal sacrifices that ultimately led the way to, and gave way to, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Today's lesson brings us to the culmination of those plans. We are reminded again that the death of Jesus allowed those long-awaited words to be spoken: "It is finished"!

What's the big deal?

I know, that question almost seems irreverent and sacrilegious. But I want you to think about it from this angle: Does your life demonstrate the significance of the crucifixion of Jesus?

If your life is to show this significance, then you must know, appreciate and be able explain why Jesus died. Included in this is the difference between the animals sacrifices and the sacrifice of the Lamb of God. If you aren't able to do this and have no interest in learning this, then it would seem the death of Jesus is no big deal to you. My friend, this lesson is your opportunity to learn this (or at least be reminded of it). Don't squander it!

Furthermore, your life must become a living, believable demonstration of the difference the sacrifice of Jesus makes. So I ask you because you must ask yourself: What difference does it make that Jesus died? What is your testimony for the Lord and for the real-life efficacy of His sacrifice for you?

What difference will I make? No, not by death and resurrection, and certainly not in any attempt to atone for anyone's sins. Rather, what will difference will I make because of the life of the Lord Jesus in me?

At home. I think this must rank as the most difficult place to make a difference. And I suppose the main reason for that is that we so easily let down our guard at home. After all, they all know us so well our pretenses are neither necessary nor effective. Hmmm! Well, then we need to be reminded that the life of the Lord in us has nothing to do with pretense. If the life of Jesus isn't liveable at home, then it isn't livable. But since it is liveable, ask the Lord to help you.

At school. School isn't quite like home in a number of ways, but on the other hand, it can be very much like home. And the penetrating question again is, will you be one to make a difference for good at school? Will you live your life, do your work, and relate to people in such a way that you will make a difference? As a child of God, you must!

Remember, though. Whether at home, at school, at church, in the community, or on the job, the difference you make must always be a result of the difference Jesus has made in you!

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