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Harmony in the Home

(Ephesians 5:21 - 6:4)

Lesson 13 -- second quarter 2009
May 24, 2009

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 2009

Introductory questions to chew

What does "in the fear of God" have to do with mutual submission?

How is selfless humility to manifest itself in the various family relationships?

How might a father provoke his child(ren) to wrath?

What does Ephesians 6:3 mean?

What role should God's Word play in the home?

From this passage, what are some necessary ingredients for harmony in the home?

Are you a boost or a drag?

Looking back to my years still in my parental home, I remember with sadness some of my attitudes, words and actions that surely had a negative effect on my parents and my sister. Thankfully, I can also remember some of my positive influence in my home. And now as a parent I can see teenage contribution to home life from a different angle.

I cannot do a thing about changing my youthful negatives. So I shall settle for challenging you to find and root out any youthful negatives you may suffer from. Please take it upon yourself to be a boost toward a glorious home life in your home. You could make such a difference!

Of course you have no authority or control in your parents' home, so beware of trying to assume such responsibilities. However, you can (by God's grace) rule over your own attitudes, words and actions. So you can't make a difference at home by striving to change and correct your parents and siblings, but you can certainly work towards improving yourself.

Can you truly believe that God expects you to love your parents and siblings in very practical ways? I could give you a bunch of down-to-earth suggestions for being a boost at home, but I'd rather challenge you and your friends to come up with them together. The main point I want to make here is that boosting must be driven by love. So before asking God to give you practical ideas, ask Him to put in your heart His love for your siblings and parents. When that love begins to operate through you, the practical ideas will flow right into your daily living.

The harvest comes later!

Have you arrived at the place yet where you anticipate having your own home? I don't mean that you're engaged or even that you're dating. I just mean looking forward to those steps toward marriage and home life. Perhaps as you consider the family successes and failures that abound, you figure out just how your home will be like.

So what are you doing now to ensure the success of your home then? I ask because I want you to remember that the harvest always comes later! First comes the sowing, then comes the reaping.

What are you planting in your life? What did you plant yesterday?

Never forget that your thoughts, values, deeds and words of today will bring results. Always. Sometimes those results are immediate; most of the time they are delayed.

What have you done, said and thought today that will contribute to a harvest of good in your future home (should God's plan be such for you)? What have you thought, said and done that will undermine the foundations of the future? Yes! Today we lay the foundation for the future.

Fellows, as you relate to and think about girls, remember the harvest comes later. Girls, as you think about and relate to the fellows, remember the harvest comes later. Always choose purity and integrity, honor and Christian love in your relationships with and thoughts of one another. If you choose these now with regard to any member of the opposite sex, if the time ever comes to establish a special headed-for-marriage relationship you will have a good harvest. But if you violate these with anyone, you are sowing the seeds for a bitter harvest later. Sow with wisdom!

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