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Pathway Publishers produces books by Amish authors, some classic Anabaptist literature, and an assortment of pamphlets for the plain people. Biggest sellers are the Pathway Readers, a complete set of stories compiled by Amish scholars for grades one through eight, including workbooks and teacher's guide.
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Pathway Publishers is an Amish business which means it works with equipment and presses powered by diesel generators since no commercial electricity is allowed.
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In 1964 two Amish farmers (David Wagler and Joseph Stoll), driven by a thirst for more printed materials pertaining to Anabaptism, founded Pathway Publishers. Beginning in a Canadian farm home, the new business aimed to reprint old books. Before long, several more Amish folks, with a variety of technical aptitudes, joined the printing enterprise.

Pathway also publishs three monthly periodicals:
  • Blackboard Bulletin focuses on the needs of Amish teachers, parents, and school board members.
  • Young Companion aims at Amish youth.
  • Family Life is a popular publication for the promotion of Christian living. It also gives information on new Amish settlements, history, and human interest stories as well as recipes, household hints, and health tips.

    Rt. 4
    Aylmer, Ontario N5H 2R3 CANADA

    2580N 250W
    LaGrange, IN 46761 USA

    When you contact Pathway Publishers, please let them know you heard about them from Mark Roth via the Internet. This is important for tracking purposes. Thank you!

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