Following Wise Leaders

(Judges 7:2-4, 13-15; 8:22-25)

Lesson 8 -- third quarter 2011
July 24, 2011

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 2011

Personalize the Scripture

"Mine own hand hath saved me" -- Is such an attitude in me blocking God's work for me?

Do I get rid of such a self-sufficient, self-dependent perspective by getting rid of a bunch of my resources? (How do I know that is the right answer?)

Must there be a balance between faith and reckless abandon?

Or is there no such thing as reckless abandon in the Christian life?

How shall I know when to accept the interpretation of the heathen as God's message to me?

"The Lord shall rule over you" -- in a practical sense, what's that like?

How shall I discern when to deny a godly leader's request?

This concludes my comments based on the passage for the International Bible Study. To read my comments on the alternate lesson developed by Christian Light Publications, click here: The Disobedient Prophet.

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