Jesus, Lord of All Creation

(Mark 6:45-56)

Lesson 9 -- second quarter 2011
May 1, 2011

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 2011

Personalize the Scripture

"He constrained his disciples to get into the ship" -- Is my chief purpose today to be attentive and obedient to the Master?

Even He who is one with the Father prayed. Much. I don't understand why God the Son needed to pray. What do I not understand about prayer?

Jesus could see them "in the midst of the sea" while He was on land, apparently quite a while after they left. I believe He is similarly aware of my "toiling in rowing" while the wind is contrary to me. But how do I increase my awareness of and reliance on that...and Him?

Jesus spoke to the need of their hearts. What must I do to hear Him better when He speaks to the needs of my heart?

Jesus saw them from land. He walked on water (faster than they were rowing). He stilled the storm. Do I know of anything He cannot do on my behalf?

What has hardened my heart?

Does my faith fail to "connect the dots" of God's faithfulness?

Which of God's past provisions for me am I failing to consider in my present distress?

The people could count on Jesus for help. Do I? Furthermore, do others see enough of Jesus in me that they count on me for some compassion and help?

In this passage, I can easily see various instances of Jesus' consideration and compassion for others. How well can I discern His consideration and compassion for me?

Discuss It

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This concludes my comments based on the alternate lesson developed by Christian Light Publications. To read my comments on the passage for the International Bible Study, click here: Emulating Jesus' Attitude.

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