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[blank] The Secret of the Strength
Read the first two chapters of Peter Hoover's new book (which has the interesting subtitle "What Would the Anabaptists Tell This Generation?"):
  • An introduction to the book
  • A Man Hanging from His Thumb -- chapter one
  • What Was the Secret of the Strength? -- chapter two
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    The Secret of the Strength . . .

    The Secret of the Strength: What Would the Anabaptist's Tell This Generation?
    by Peter Hoover

    "We cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard, said the apostles marching directly into persecution. They had discovered the secret of Jesus' strength. We may discover it too, thanks to the clues left behind by those who loved not their lives even unto death. In this book you may find many clues."

    The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you," Christ told his followers--and a few fishermen, a tax collector, and a motley crowd of Jerusalem "believers" set out to change the world.

    They succeeded.

    In sixteenth century Europe, the Anabaptists preaching in cities by night, on back streets, and in wood corners behind rail fences began to do the same. What was their secret? In this book you may study what they accomplished as long as they remembered it and what they lost when they forgot it.

    Was their secret a return to the Bible? No, they were far more than biblicists. Was it a return to the apostolic way? No, they were far more than keepers of tradition. Fundamentalism and traditionalism have never held Christianity together nor made it work.

    The "secret of the kingdom of God" is stunningly simple. With two words Christ revealed it to his friends, who--upon comprehending it--came to a sudden knowledge of the will of God, of the whole Bible, and of the right way to live.

    The purpose of this book is to help many more to comprehend the same.

    Conrad Grebel, Menno Simons, Peter Rideman--what did these Anabaptists really say about conversion, separation from the world, the visible church, the meaning and mode of baptism, the frequency of communion, divorce and remarriage, community of goods, and many other issues? With its nearly four hundred quotes from sixteenth century writings (many of them original translations), and dozens of character sketches, this 300 page book is a serious attempt to answer the question of its subtitle: "What would the Anabaptists tell this generation?"

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