The Sanctity of Life

(Genesis 1:27; 2:7; Acts 17:28; Genesis 9:4-6; 4:10,11; Numbers 35:30,31;
Matthew 19:18; Psalm 139:13-16; Jeremiah 1:5)

Lesson 10 -- first quarter 2000
February 6, 2000

by Mark Roth
© Copyright 1999, Christian Light Publications

Choosing life.

Life comes from God alone, Who made us in His image. Physically speaking, our design and operation exceeds everything else in glory (with the exception of our Creator and His celestial beings, of course). Spiritually speaking, our Maker has called us to a special relationship with Him and to a special mission on Earth for Him. Therefore, only He alone can rightfully choose death for us. We as His people must always choose life.

Abortion. Abortion most often is an expression of selfishness or a lack of trust in God. (This would include the use of birth control pills because they essentially kill children at their earliest state of being.) God carefully, miraculously and lovingly forms each child from his one-cell beginning to his fully-formed completion. Shall we dare interrupt that process with abortion? God forbid we make any other choice but life!

Assisted suicide. Is there ever any reason why I should get ahead of God in choosing death for myself? No! My life is in His hands, not my own. Likewise, no reason exists for anyone choosing death for themselves. Those who opt for suicide sin. And those who assist them in their death also sin. We ought instead to be God's messengers of comfort, hope, peace and edification.

Capital punishment. I firmly believe that God instituted capital punishment as a penalty option for His civil minister, the State. I also believe the imposition of this penalty must be limited to capital crimes. As an individual who belongs to God's kingdom, though, I could not choose death for anyone, whether in the jury room or in the executioner's chamber. God has called me to be a minister of life, not a dispenser of death.

Choosing respect.

Not only does God call on us to preserve human life, He calls on us to respect human life as well as the containers that hold it. Our bodies are also His workmanship; and they are His dwelling place. So treat your body (and that of others) with care and respect. We are not just another chunk of biodegradable, recyclable material!

Cloning. A simple definition for this incredible advance in medical science is this: using a living human cell to create an exact physical replica of the entire body. What a stunning development! Though I must admit to being greatly intrigued by this, I do not believe this is choosing respect. I believe cloning is wrong.

Extreme measures. As long as time continues, I expect the use of high medical technology to prolong physical life will always be fodder for spirited debate. It seems to me that decisions of this nature can at times confuse the options we face: choose life or choose respect. May God bless with wisdom and sustain with grace those who must face these decisions in the pressure cooker of real life!

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